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Miami Vice was a popular television series (five seasons on NBC from 1984-1989) starring Don Johnson (James "Sonny" Crockett) and Philip Michael Thomas (Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs) as two Miami police detectives working undercover.
Miami Vice is the number one new show.
#hammertime #bratislava #eurotrip #miami police #nbc
by evl May 14, 2006
The number one new show in Bratislava.
Miami Vice starred Don Johnson
by can you open my milk mommy March 26, 2005
A Drink mixing a Pina Colada and a Strawberry daiquiri. Fruity and light while loaded with rum.
One of the best drinks around Miami vice
#pina colada #colada #daiquiri #stawberry daiquiri #alcohol #fruity drink
by Shaylee07 June 19, 2007
A cocktail made of a shot of Jagermeister, a shot of Jack Daniels and topped up with cranberry juice, lemonade and wedges of lime. Served in a half pint (240ml) glass.
The miami vice cocktail has been seen served in Bar Barracuda in Middlesbrough as either the cocktail described above or in a 4 drink pitcher with 3 shots each of both JD and Jager.
#jd #jack-daniels #jager #jagermeister #cranberry #spirit
by charlesGrdnr September 26, 2009
Sex move in which girl gives guy a blow job. Guy then blows load in a line on a small mirror. Girl snorts line. Also known as "Blow".
That was the best Miami Vice I have ever done!
#blow #miami vice #mirror #blow job #sex
by Costa Rica March 15, 2008
Leaving a fart trail in a pool or hot tub whilst swimming and another person crosses the "wake".
I thought I was gonna Exxon Valdez this chick but it was only a Miami Vice.
#fart #pool #hot #tub #swim #exxon #valdez
by spooner street April 23, 2009
The shittiest movie ever
Yo! Did you see miami vice??

Yeah, holy shit dude, the plot was lame, and there wasnt enough violence to cover up the lameness
#shit #movie #ass #cocain running #blows
by t-dizzaul August 12, 2006
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