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If you have sex with your girlfriend, then withdraw and ask her to give you a blow job, she will taste her own flavour when she sucks your penis. This is known as a fish lollipop.
I feel sorry for those girls who don't wash down below then have a fish lollipop during sex...
by Pete November 01, 2004
A idiot who sent america into war for no reason there were no "weapons of mass destruction".They found a few chemical trucks which just contained medical supplies.He went over there to gain oil and to chase the "terroist threat" even though the country with the largest amount of weapons is good ol america lets think how many weapons saddam has o yea a few rocks and some mars bars wow he was a tyrant.George W. Bush biggest moron to grace this planet and then to be voted in tut tut America tut tut
George W.Bush guess what the W stands for i think it ends with an R
by Pete January 11, 2004
n. type of footwear (New Zealand use)
see also flip flop
"those are some mighty fine jandals mate"
by Pete January 20, 2004
A simple way to cover yourself when you accidentally swear infront of your mother.
"the patriots are losing"
"Fuck..crying out loud, hi mom!"
by Pete December 27, 2004
Something pretty unpleasant and guaranteed to spoil a date. Some strange little seals and a rodent creature also sing about this on www.rathergood.com Can you feel it baby!
I experienced some anal seepage, and had to make excuses to leave incase my date smelt anything funny.
by Pete November 01, 2004
gayboy. can also be known as a knob jockey, jobby jabber, limp wristed dough eyed doughnut puncher.etc.etc.etc
you are a fuckin bentshot, so's yer old man!!
by pete February 09, 2004
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Real Ale is "a name for draft (or bottled) beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide."

Bloody good stuff.
Real ale puts hairs on your chest.
by Pete December 16, 2004
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