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249 definitions by pete

A heterosexual male who uses a homosexual manner to pull women. This is used to such an extent that many people suspect him to be gay.
-Did you see how camp that bloke was, he must be gay.
-Nah, he's just a pink panther.
by Pete July 20, 2004
A wave where people in a crowd throw their hands in the air (and often rubbish) in a consecutive manner moving around a stadium. Often seen at cricket and rugby games. Sometimes when the game is really exciting (or boring).
Hey look Ford, there's a hell mexican wave happening.
by Pete April 03, 2004
To be capable of managing an experience
"he couldn't handle the jandal"
by Pete January 20, 2004
Noun. This word is a simple combination of the word cock, in the euphimistic sense refering to the penis of a human male, and the word master.

It is an insult used to question the sexuality of the targeted person, who is usually male, or to express general disdain for them.
You cockmaster, I can't believe you told my girlfriend I went to a strip club last night!
by pete August 10, 2004
n. Raisin bread
also see spotted dog
"I love eating home baked spotted dick"
by Pete January 20, 2004
If you have sex with your girlfriend, then withdraw and ask her to give you a blow job, she will taste her own flavour when she sucks your penis. This is known as a fish lollipop.
I feel sorry for those girls who don't wash down below then have a fish lollipop during sex...
by Pete November 01, 2004
A idiot who sent america into war for no reason there were no "weapons of mass destruction".They found a few chemical trucks which just contained medical supplies.He went over there to gain oil and to chase the "terroist threat" even though the country with the largest amount of weapons is good ol america lets think how many weapons saddam has o yea a few rocks and some mars bars wow he was a tyrant.George W. Bush biggest moron to grace this planet and then to be voted in tut tut America tut tut
George W.Bush guess what the W stands for i think it ends with an R
by Pete January 11, 2004