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Australian military slang for soft drinks/soda pop.
I could do with a goffa you got any cokes left?

Fred has piles of goffas at least a slab of coke and one of sprite
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
spaz spastic retard
hahaha, you goffa (to colleague as he commits an act of idiocy)
by Pete November 24, 2003
Derogatory. A mentally handicapped person, a retard.

Possibly derived from the name of Heol Goffa 'Special' School in Llanelli, South Wales, however its use has spread much further afield.

Its use can be accompanied by a special hand gesture and jib to emphasise the point:
The jib is accomplished by placing your tongue in front of your bottom teeth and pushing your bottom lip outwards, and crossing your eyes.
The hand gesture consists simply of slapping the back of one limp hand with the other.
Person 1: Shit, I just locked my keys in the car.
Person 2: Hur hur, you goffa! *pulls face and slaps hand*
#retard #retarded #short bus #slow #not all there
by Tom Long November 20, 2007
Is also a military (navy) word for salute.
Chucked the officer a goffa
by Newey January 12, 2004
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