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A Christian belonging to a Christian Church that is not Catholic or Orthodox. The main beleifs of Protestants is the same as other Christians. The details and practices are where the main diferences are. They don't usually practice the Eucharist at every service. They don't generally emulate all or any saints and Mary. Female and married priest are allowed. This brach of Christianity stems mainly from reformists like Martin Luther who had issues with the faults of the Catholic Church at his time.
The average Protestant is a good Christian and person overall. There is a few radicals who portray a negative stereotype. This image is the Homophobic, racist bigot who hates eveyone not like him. Many organzations like the KKK and other white supremisist groups have used the protestant religeon to spew their anit- jew, minority, catholic hatred to innocent people.
by northendwhitetrash June 25, 2007
Also called akimbo style, the practice of using two weapons simultaneously, one in each hand. The term usually refers to firearms, most commonly pistols (but machine pistols and other weapons can be used).

The practice has its start in the Old West. when cowboys generally carried single-action revolvers. Since these weapons generally had no more than a six round capacity and slow reload times, it was often necessary to carry more than one handgun. However, since most of the handguns were single-action, it was very impractical to dual-wield them. It is more likely that the cowboys used what is called a New York Reload which is to hold one gun in each hand, firing with the strong hand (generally the right) and then, when that gun ran out of ammunition, switching it out with the gun in the weak hand.

Dual-wielding as it is known today first became common in kung fu movies featuring guns, such as those directed by John Woo (called gun fu). The use in films later spread to some action and western films. Today, in addition to action movies and show, it is not uncommon to see akimbo style in video games.
There is a bunch of kids running around today who think dual wield is legitimate technique because of what they have seen in movies like the Matrix series and games like Halo. Dual wield is highly impractical for a variety of reasons. First of all, it makes aiming much more difficult. It is almost much more difficult to handle recoil when you are firing two handguns at one time.
by northendwhitetrash December 16, 2009
a really wet fart. It's like a power fart were you shit yourself a little bit.
"oh man, I just boofed really bad"

"boof, aw man, change your boxers if it's that bad."
by northendwhitetrash March 23, 2007
According to Christianity, God's son and the saviour of the world who will come again to judge the living and the dead (CORRECT). According to the Jews, a heretic who comited blasphmy (some Jews and Muslims see him as a major profit). Acording to athiest, some guy (WRONG). According to evangelicals, a way to guilt impresionable idiots into giving them money.
Even if you don't think Jesus is God's son and all, at least accept that he was a pretty cool guy with good ideas on how to live.
by northendwhitetrash June 25, 2007
before the time of the SUV, the ultimate soccermom vehicle. Most commonly found in middle to upper class suburbs driven by women (or a man who has been whipped real good by his wife). Mid priced, large to mid size, really safe, ugly. Older volvos are used by people who don't have enough cash to buy a cool car, but they still want something usable.
10 years ago, that soccormom would be dropping her 150lb 10 year-old off at practice in a volvo wagon, not a ford excursion.
by northendwhitetrash December 30, 2007
A state north of Illinois, east of Minnisota and south/west of Michigan. Wisconsin is known for its almost disgusting abundance of alcohol and alcoholics. Citizens of this not so fine state have some unfounded, unreasonable, unsubstantiated hatred and fear of anyone from another state, especially Illinois. Wisconsinites are grotesquely ignorant and dimwitted. They seem to think that everyone from Illinois is a carbon copy of the jerks that they see from Chicago (not everyone from Chicago, just the jerks) eventhough the rest of Illinois is much like wisconsin with corn instead of dairy and flatter. People from Wisconsin seem to brag about everything, even negative things like adult/child sex and alchoholism. They also seem to maintain that they are the best for things that they have that every other state in the Union could easily meet or surpass.
We could say that in general, Wisconsin is filled with drunk, inbred, xenophobic retards, but that would be offensive to drunks, inbreaders, xenophobes and the mentally retarded.
by northendwhitetrash January 23, 2007
A really great country that is constantly stereotyped and insulted by Europeans and some of our own citizens(1st amendment). That's okay, because the second a European nation is atacked, we'll go help them out so they can retain the right to insult us.
Most stereotypes about the USA are highly exagerated or just not true. people who complain about the USA often are complaining about the idiotic, fat, backwards minority. Most of dislike isbecasue people have a tendancy to insult the world power at that time out of jelousy. It doesn't matter what those idiots say because we're the country in the world right now, no matter what they say.
by northendwhitetrash June 25, 2007

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