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A muscle car is a mid-sized, generally American car from the early 1950s mid 1970s. Muscle cars are generally blessed with V8s, high horsepower, alot of tourqe and a great power-to-weight ratio. Some of the most popular models are the Corvette, Mustang, El Camino, Thunderbird, Firebird and Chevelle. The original muscle cars were genrally lower priced but when they returned in the 1980s and 90s, they were more expensive and sometimes less powerful. Anyway, most muscle cars do not need modification to reach high preformance but if they are modified, they will kick ass. The astetics of the car is ussually left stock, but if it is changed, it will be througgh decals and paint only, almost never a body-kit.
Muscle Car vs. Ricer
Joe: I got a pimped out tricked out Civic can go real fast, I bet i could beat you.
Doug: Hell no, my 35 year old Charger will chew you up, it's got a Hemi.
Joe: well mine looks pimp
Doug: I didn't know pink bumpers with a Boeing 747's wing on the back.
by northendwhitetrash May 20, 2007
Also called neo-con, this political philosophy is a combination of liberal and traditional conservative views.

On domestic issues, Neocons say they are for limited government, free market solutions and things like that. However, when non-interventionist tactics do not yield the result they want, they have no qualms about using government power to garner the desired result.

For foreign policy issues, they tend to refrain from using diplomacy. Neocons tend to participate in nation-building in the attempt to set up desired governments in other countries. They claim to support liberal democracies and human rights abroad but generally are more than willing to abandon this goal if it won't create the desired effect. Neocons usually want to use massive military force to solve most international issues despite the fact that very few of them have ever served.

Neocons see the world in binary, good vs evil and us vs them, terms. They are generally upper middle and upper class white people with college educations (ie the stereotypical WASP) but there is also a strong neocon segment among poor whites with little education (ie the stereotypical redneck). Tending to be socially conservative, they often belong to evangelical Protestant Christian churches and claim to have strong moral values. They love the status-quo.
Neoconservative people primarily belong to conservative groups and parties such as the GOP and NRA. This leads to power struggles in these groups as tradition conservatives, paleoconservative and conservative libertarians (all sharing similar values) fight the neocons for control and to be the face of the group.

The most famous neocon is George W Bush
by northendwhitetrash November 27, 2009
A state south of wisconsin, north of kentuckey, west of indiana, and east of missouri. Illinois is mostly flat with some rolling hills. Alot of its major industry is from agriculture or related feilds. Contrary to popular beleif, not all of Illinois is like Chicago and Chicago is not the capital (it's Springfeild, Illinois). Springfeild is the home state of President Lincoln (he was born in Kentuckey, Ronald Reagen was born in Illinois too. Overall, Illinois is a nice and well rounded state.
Despite what some people think, Illinois is a good place to live and you'll have to get your own opinion on the state through reasearch and other stuff.
by northendwhitetrash March 22, 2007
At first, gunships were naval vessels sporting guns, very simple. In more recent history, the term gunship has been aplied to aircraft. The role of a modern gunship is to get as much ordinance on the target as possible and blow the shit out of the enemy. Gunships come in the form of both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Gunships are usually based on a designasted gunship frame (the AH-64 Apache)or off cargo style craft that have been modified for the purpose (AC-47 Spooky).
The US military uses the gunship for close air support and shock and awe missions. The gunship is usually in support of other units. They circle or patrol a certain area and unleash hell as needed.
by northendwhitetrash June 02, 2007
Often, the biggest defenders of free speach are the liberals. In the case of political correctness (PC) the liberals are killing the 1st amendment. PC is an idea to replace everything that could be considered "ofensive" (whether they are or not) with a more complicated term that may or may not be more offensive (midget-vertically challanged/dwarf or retarded-mentally challanged). Some of the most used PC terms are racial (African American, Hispanic American, Caucasian American, Native American etc)Why can't we all just be Americans?
political correctness is really idiotic way to make sure no one ever has a reason to be angry about anything. Half the time anger brings upon social reform. Alot like Newspeak. PC also makes it almost imposible to give a personel opinion. The Nazis also used a form of PC (they "dealt with the Jewish problem")
Black-African American
Beaner-Hispanic American
White-Caucasian American
Asian-Asian American
Retard-Mentally Challanged
Midget/short-Verticall Challanged
Fired-Laid Off/Let Go
by northendwhitetrash July 02, 2007
origionally intended for off-roaders and people who needed a truck and a van at the same time. Now they are used mostly by pricks, dicks and assholes. Soccormoms love these because they can put their 300lb kid in the back, let him watch a DVD so she doesn't have to be a parent while she talks on her cellphone (almost killing innocent motorists in cars and pedestrians) on her way to the soccor game where everybody is special so they all win. SUVs can be divided into 3 catagories
1) Fullsized- overbuilt, overpowered four-wheel-drive beheemouths with more luxury than a 4star hotel i.e. Esclades, Excursions, Navigators, Hummers
2) "Crossovers"- underbuilt, underpowered wuss-mobiles designed so that some people can feel good that they are not driving a tank when in fact, they are even worse because they still waste fuel and space, drive like idiots and should really be driving a van or car. Forgein companies from Asia and Europe often sell these too.
3) Suburbans- Still a full-sized SUV with luxury and four-wheel-drive, but actually designed to tow and work. idiots from catagory 1 still buy suburbans, but so do people who actually work the truck like a truck.
I was crossing the street when some bitch in a SUV hit me. She got pissed off at me (eventhough she ran the light because she was doing her make-up and chatting on her cell) because my face scratched her bumper.
by northendwhitetrash December 30, 2007
the primary mode of transportation for the "special". basically a regular bus, but shorter.
the shorter the bus, the more "special" the riders.
some regular riders can identify their short bus by its smell
by northendwhitetrash November 25, 2007

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