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n. A carbon copy (cc) is a person that has no personality and tries to emulate yours exactly. A.K.A.- the shadow, mini me, or twin brother from another mother.
Joel: Did you wear the same shirt as me so people know you're my carbon copy?
EJ: Yes.
by Joel TK May 27, 2005
a replica of a person or group that lacks any sort of originality or unique thought
Andie + Drew + Dylan: "Sweet jacket, bro!"
Liz + Colleen: "Yeah, sweet jacket, bro! Hahaha!!"
Andie: "That's our joke, not yours."
Dylan: "Wow, you two are such carbon copies of us three!"
Liz: "What's a carbon copy?"
Drew: "The 3 unite!"
by Moni G. November 14, 2011
a derogatory term used by old wasp women to describe a group of black children, noting the uniform appearance and dark color of their skin, 'as if they were carbon paper duplicates'.
Look at all those little carbon copies! I'm glad that isnt my store.
by rrtesa October 31, 2010

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