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A rectangular flag that represents the United States and all of its ideals and values. It is composed of a blue square with 50 (or however many states there are at the time of the flag's production) white stars in the uper lefthand corner. The rest of the flag is 13 alternating red and white stripes. Legend has it that the seamstress Betsy Ross created the first American flag.

Treatment of the flag is dictated by the Flag Code. Breaking of the flag code is not punishable (protected by the 1st Amendment).
The American flag is often scrutinized for various reasons and desecrated. The people responsible fail to realize that it is not the flag that is so importnat, it is what the flag represents. The flag is held in such esteem because some feel that their respect of the flag is a good way to show their respect for the Nation and our ideals.

TO ALL THE FLAG BURNERS ETC: The flag that you desecrate, insult, burn and defile stands for the same values that protect your right to do so(1st Amendment). Without that right (in a dictatorship) you could be executed for said actions.
by northendwhitetrash July 02, 2007
One of many Catholic high-schools throughout the contry. The one in this difinition is located in Springfield, Illinois. Unlike many other Ursuline schhols, this one is coed. With a population of about 200 students, it is among the smallest high-schools in town. Located on the northend of Springfield, it is on the opposite side of town as the other Catholic High-school (SHG). The Springfield Ursuline's sports teams are called the Ursuline Sonics. Ursuline focuses on Academic Excelence (specifically in fine arts such as music).
Ursuline Academy is often looked down on by the rest of the High-schools in Springfield due to its small size, lack of football team and lack of funds (the school and average students' family is considered poor white-trash by other schools)
by northendwhitetrash January 23, 2007
WD-40 was origionally developed by the Rocket Chemicals Company in 1953. The name means Wated Displacement 40 (40 is the formula number). It was first used in air and space applications such as the Atlas Missile. It is primarily made up of various petrolium products and mineral spirits. Just like duct tape, it is a cornerstone of the average man's life. Also like duct tape, it has an uncountable number of uses. It is primarily used to lubricate and clean metal while also preventing corrosion and rust.

WD-40 is easily recognized by its blue and yellow can with the red cap. It comes with a little red straw that is stuck into the nozzle to help direct the spray. Recently, to combat the inconvieniece of the straw, WD-40 released a new design with an attatched straw on a hinge to increase ease of use.
If it is stuck, tight, rusty or dirty, use some WD-40 on it. It is the opposite of duct tape in that it makes things unstuck. Like duct tape, it is cheap and avaliable everywhere. It is a must for the handyman.
by northendwhitetrash August 04, 2008
A social event were a group of people all convene at one location and attempt to have a good time. Party activites include (but are not limited to) things such as:
1) Listening to music
2) Consuming drugs and/or alcohol
3) Trying (and often failing) to get laid
4) Dancing*

*Men do not normally dance. However, women (who do normally dance) can change this. A man's girlfriend or wife may "ask" (aka force) him to dance with her and/or her friend(s) (often the ugly one). Some men will also dance in attempt to contact or impress females.

A party can be at a bar, resturaunt, club and often someone's house. There are some specialty parties for events such as birthdays and holidays.
Doug went to a party with his buddies. He got drunk and smoked some pot. Near the end of the party, he did some ecstacy, started dancing and hooked up with some random, but attractive, chick. The next morning, he woke up to find himself is someone else's car spooning a fat chick. He later met back up with his friends and found out that he was the only one that managed to get laid, so that made it worth it (kinda).
by northendwhitetrash April 04, 2009
People who go to sporting events and start fights; generally football (soccer to us Americans).

Proof Europe is not superior to America.
Euro news report: Team A beat Team B. A group of hooligans started a fights at the game. Dozens were injured, three were killed and millions of euros worth of damage were the results of the ensuing riot.

America news report: Team A beat Team B (the report ends there because the fans showed up, watched the game, some partied and the rest just went home and acted like adults).
by northendwhitetrash January 29, 2010
A place where people interested in cars go to look at other peoples' cars (and possibly show their own).

There are a few types of car shows:
Classic Car: This type is ussually reserved for classic cars and other vehicles of historical signifigance. These types of shows can also be subdivided into catagories based on the type, era or signifigance of the cars.

Speciality Shows: These often feature newer cars that have been modified. Many of the larger shows like this are sponsered by groups and magazines like DUB and Nopi. The larger ones are also joined by demonstrations and events that cater to the type of show (an import tuner show may have drifiting demonstrations).

General Shows: These are for cars in general. They could be classic, custom, modern rare (like Lambos), and stock. Ussually people who show their cars here have some kind of special car (classic or custom)but anyone can bring their cars and show them in events like that.

Almost every car show is sponsored by some kind of organazation like a car club. They also ussually have vendors that sell parts, memorabilia, trinkets and general merchendise (ussually car-realted). Concessions like fair-food and drinks are almost always present at car shows of any real size. More formal car shows (like national and international car shows) sometimes have meetings and other events of the such.
Car shows and strip clubs share the same rule: NO TOUCHING!
by northendwhitetrash August 25, 2008
A Christian belonging to a Christian Church that is not Catholic or Orthodox. The main beleifs of Protestants is the same as other Christians. The details and practices are where the main diferences are. They don't usually practice the Eucharist at every service. They don't generally emulate all or any saints and Mary. Female and married priest are allowed. This brach of Christianity stems mainly from reformists like Martin Luther who had issues with the faults of the Catholic Church at his time.
The average Protestant is a good Christian and person overall. There is a few radicals who portray a negative stereotype. This image is the Homophobic, racist bigot who hates eveyone not like him. Many organzations like the KKK and other white supremisist groups have used the protestant religeon to spew their anit- jew, minority, catholic hatred to innocent people.
by northendwhitetrash June 25, 2007
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