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11 definitions by mr. u-be-u

to get a sense of schadenfreude from seeing someone shart or farshit him/herself in public
Bart had an overwhelming sense of shartenfreude when Ms. Crabapple farshitted herself in class
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
81 17
1. having difficulty farting
2. faculty consisting of old farts
1. In a recent double-blind clinical study, those with farticulty had a higher rate of developing fartesy involving fartish later in life.
2. The members of the farticulty were selected on the basis of age, not fartitude.
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
67 4
strength of sphincter and mind that allow one to hold his or her flatulence in
Laura Bush: How was your lunch, dear?
GWB: It was the best Tex-mex I had in a while. The refried beans were outta this world. I must have had three servings!
Laura Bush: here are some beanos for you darling. We'll be spending the afternoon with the Putins, you know...
GWB: You take me for an old fart? dont need them beanos!
Laura Bush: I admire your fartitude, Mr President
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
75 12
Unintentional escape of shit while passing gas. Typically occurs while trying to fart at early stage of diarrhea.
Man, I farshitted my pants again! sooo embarrasing...
by Mr. U-be-U May 19, 2008
84 22
sense of loss and emptiness felt after a farticularly satisfying fart that has been building up gradually over a long period of time
She never recovered from her post-fartum blues.
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
68 7
stinky harbinger of shitty things to come. Fart before the poop.
The early accounting issues at Enron was fartinger of the eventual collapse of the company.
by Mr. U-be-U May 26, 2008
64 5
A fantasy involving the act of farting
His fartesy included fartish and fartricide
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
46 5