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When forces unknown to human kind cause a person to expel a very potent fecal gas that is so overpowering not only do innocent bystanders have to vacate the area immediately or face certain death, but the CDC would classify this incident as a Public Health Emergency. The person that expelled this fecal gas is put in a near death state and will die if not removed from the scene.
"Hey did you hear about Mel? He committed Fartricide on Tuesday. They had to Hazmat the area and rush him to the ER!!"
by MattKV July 10, 2008
How a dyslexic tries to kill his brother.
Tom's jealous rage pushed him to the point of fartricide but none of the fart bombs he left for his brother Pete seemed to work.
by Coriolus August 19, 2008
act of committing fratricide by farting; fartricidal
The little farty-pant had dreams of fartricide at an early age. This tragedy was bound to happen :-(
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
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