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A word short for 'memories.'
joe: We have so many good mems!
nick: yea, like when we went swimming at midnight!!
by larkylou May 14, 2014
Someone who has a vagina bigger than their mouth.
Paul: Look at that complete mem!
Poppy: Hahahaha
by paulenebritton. February 01, 2011
Epitomes masculinity and “gangsterism”, and is commonly known as a “top bloke” who says it how it is and takes no shit. Attractive to the female sex and normally filthy rich, Mem can be found frequenting parties across the globe with a pack of Bensons in his pocket and a Bud in his hand. Known to drive Bugatti EB110’s Mem makes a success of everything he does.

Weaknesses include women in stockings/pantyhose, excessive alcohol, “wacky backy” and fast cars
I wish I could be as amazing as Mem
Don’t go messing with Mem
I’m Mem-ing it (taken to mean “I’m living it up)
by stroker December 28, 2003
The biggest crybaby... EVER
I needed attention so badly.. I decided to pull a MEM
by Who? June 06, 2003
A boy who thinks hes a man but he aint, hes a dick. Infact i know him, he's as dumb as an egg. But i luv him all the same... sumthimes.
he thinks he's meming it
by Billy bob johnson jones March 10, 2004
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