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fart fetish. To derive sexual pleasure from sniffing a partner's fart. Can be fatal if practiced with an uber-gassy partner in a small enclosure with limited air circulation.
1. My best friend died while playing fartish with that fat bitch!
2. At least he died doing something he loved to do
by Mr. U-be-U May 25, 2008
1. adj. An atmosphere that smells and feels like someone farted, but nobody actually has.

2. adj. The warm, swirly feeling in your lower abdomen that indicates flatulence is imminent.

3. adj. The state of feeling prematurely old.
1. Upon entering the kitchen, I was struck by the fart-ish stench of steamed broccoli.

2. This chili is delicious, but I'm already getting fart-ish.

3. Sorry, I can't do drinks after work, I'm headed home to watch my shows and be fart-ish.
by C. B. LEE June 27, 2014
1) Resembles a Fart
2) Fart like
3) Stupid and Old
4) Old fart like
"That shirt is fartish!"
"She is a fartish person!"
"Now, don't be fartish."
by Kris April 05, 2005
Fartish, a not so common word only used in the rural parts of new jersey and an exclusive part of nebraska. fartish can be used as an adjective, noun, verb, adverb, almost anything.
Adjective: You are a fartish person!
Noun: That fartish never gave me my money.
Verb: He just fartished all over the place.
Adverb: Wow, did you see that man run fartishly?
by bex April 05, 2005

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