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Fracktard is a way of saying fucktard when you are around delicate ears. A combination of an asshole, an idiot a scumbag and a shithead.

I hate that fracktard driver who crashed into me while I was biking, just so he could make a last minute right-hand turn.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
Ghost Children are the counterparts of fans of the Smashing Pumpkins in the alternate world of Glass and the Machines of God.
Fans of Glass and the Machines of God are Ghost Children.

What role do the Ghost Children play in the fable of Glass and the Machines of God?
by moonbug November 17, 2006
A proper name. Anchises was the father of Aeneas through Venus and is a major character in the epic poem by Virgil, the Aeneid.
Aged Anchises was led from the smoking ruins of Troy by his son, Aeneas.
by moonbug April 07, 2005
The mystery was a strange internet experiment propagated by the Smashing Pumpkins with their final album before breaking up, Machina. The greater part of what most fans refer to as the mystery occured in the Meaning of Symbols Forum.

Admins for the site gave clues and fans worked with those clues to discover user names and passcodes to open locked sites. Each site almost invariably led to another. There was supposed to be a cartoon featuring the Ghost Children, the otherworldly fans of Glass and the Machines of God, the fictional alter-ego band of the Smashing Pumpkins. However, only about 20 minutes of the cartoon was ever released, in its unfinished form, before the project was dropped.

The whole mystery seemed to just fizzle out with the band, especially once Billy Corgan became preoccupied with Zwan, another musical project. It is a very difficult and convuluted thing to explain. The mystery was something that needs to be experienced to be understood.
What was the point of the Mystery?
by moonbug November 13, 2006
Short form for Prince George.
Let's drive to PG for the fuck of it.

No way! That's like 15 hours from Vancouver!
by moonbug November 13, 2006
A legendary creature known to the stoners of Williams Lake British Columbia. If one does not placate the roach goblin by occaisionally throwing a roach into the woods, the goblin has been known to nab useful items. If, however, one is careful to satisfy the Roach Goblin, he has been known to leave gifts of weed, money, pens and lighters to good little stoners.

The Roach Goblin is two feet high, and has green skin, purple eyes and blonde hair. He wears a tattered felt jacket with coat-tails, pointy blue leather shoes, grey wool socks, brown breeches, white gloves, and a red silk shirt. His hat is sky blue, peaked and adorned with three feathers, one yellow, one green and one red. He carries a ebony cane topped with an onyx sphere in his left hand. There is a golden pocket-watch in his right pocket.
Dude, toss that roach to the Roach Goblin, or you'll lose your buspass for sure.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
Hieroglyphic Masquerade is a seven peice band from Northern British Columbia. Their haunting mix of flute, turntables, strings (various), vocals, synth and electronic beats is unmatched in beauty and complexity.
Hieroglyphic Masquerade never plays shows in cities outside of Northern British Columbia.
by moonbug November 12, 2006

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