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Shortened form of "Japanese". Used in the FFXI gaming environment to refer to Japanese players.

Preferred to other shortened forms like "Jap", which is considered disrepectful.
JP only, ((sorry, I don't understand English)).

My JP friend gave me these balance rings, I'm so lucky to be a linkshell with JP players.

It's hard to play with JP players because of translation issues, but they really rock in combat.
by Moonbug October 29, 2004
Derogatory adjective used to disparage enviromentally conscious people. An envirotard may simply like eating organic food, or they may be really active in the enviromental movement. People who, for some reason, find taking care of the earth offensive or somehow stupid, call people who care envirotards.
Man, I wanted to bone that chick but she is a vegan envirotard who won't fuck smokers or men that eat meat. What a commie bitchwad!
by moonbug November 17, 2006
An adjective used to describe anyone who spent a lot of time on the now defunct, official Smashing Pumpkins message board (O-Board) in the Meaning of Symbols forum. MOSers were the main participants in the Mystery of Glass and the Machines of God.
Ramdust was an archetypical MOSer. He was instrumental in finding some of the passcodes for locked sites at the height of the mystery.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
MB is an acronym for Magic Burst. Specific to FFXI, a Magic Burst occurs when a mage fires off a spell in co-ordination with a combo executed by bashers and damage dealers. In order to be sucessful and Magic burst must employ a spell of a type matching the combo being performed by the other members of the party. It is possible to have more than one mage complete a magic burst per combo.
We're pulling a Liquifaction combo so cast a fire spell for MB.
by Moonbug October 29, 2004
Science manufactured by individuals paid by special interest groups. Most commonly used by big corporations to dupe governments and nations into approving unsafe products, ignoring health and safety risks, or ignoring environmental problems.
The reason people are just starting to believe in climate change is because the oil magnates have been producing junk science to debunk it for years.

Monsanto consistently uses junk science to assert the safety of genetically engineered food.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
Prince George British Columbia is also known as the gateway to the north. Three highways meet in Prince George. Highway 16, also known as the highway of tears runs east and west through the city. The cariboo highway terminates here, and the highway north to Dawson Creek and Fort St. John begins. PG is where the University of Northern British Columbia, UNBC is located. Prince George is the biggest city in the northern half of British Columbia. Prince George is at the heart of the Pine Beetle Epidemic, hence it is surrounded by miles of red coloured dead pines.
Prince George is a sprawling interior town in the middle of a dead forest.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
GOTV is an acronym for
Get-Out-The-Vote. It applies to activities which are centered on voter registration and other tatics for increasing public participation in the electoral process.
"I am going to Phoenix to GOTV/election monitor."

(I am going to Phoenix to get out the vote and monitor the election.)
by Moonbug October 29, 2004
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