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A government milkstore is a liquor store. Beer and wine stores fall outside this category. A government milkstore is fully liscenced to sell beer, wine, liquors and spirits.

This term may be Local to British Columbia, a province of Canada, or even to Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is probably at the very least a national term, as it has reference to the public control of Canada's liquor stores.
Hurry up, we've got to get to the government milkstore before eleven.
by Moonbug October 29, 2004
A fable created by Billy Corgan, front man of The Smashing Pumpkins. The story of Glass and the Machines of God is propagated by the band's album, Machina. The Machina lyric booklet contains one chapter of the fable, the rest of the chapters, except for chapter four, were posted online throughout the Mystery. Chapter four, The Story of June has never been posted.

The Mystery was based on Glass and the Machines of God.
Glass and the Machines of God is very simular in concept to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
The central interior of British Columbia is currently experiencing a Pine Beetle Epidemic. Thousands of hectares of pine forests are dead or dying die to infection by pine beetles. The epidemic has partially been caused by Climate Change, because the winters in the interior no longer get cold enough to hold the pine beetle in check.
The Pine Beetle Epidemic is going to kill most of the trees in Interior British Columbia.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
Public Relations slang for the tactic of repeating some fake factoid so loudly and so often that many people start to believe it. It is even more effective if public figures and celebrities are used in the echo chamber.

This technique was used for years to debunk those who noted the first signs of climate change.
the echo chamber was used for years by the tabacco industry to deny the health effects of smoking.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
A noun denoting an individual who creates, and usually distributes their own zine or zines. It may be extended to someone who does not strictly make zines who runs a distro.
JJ Tawd has been a hardcore zinester for years, she has made over 30 different mini-zines.
by moonbug April 06, 2005
One of the major western highways in Canada. Highway 16, also known as the highway of tears runs from Prince Rupert in British Columbia to Winnepeg in Manitoba. It is the northern alternate route across the country.
Highway 16 is a bitch to hitchhike.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
A rare subspecies of black bear, also known as a spirit bear. Rather than being born with black fur Kermode bears are born with white fur. The kermode bear is the official animal of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is found only in the temperate rainforests of northwest British Columbia near Terrace and on the islands of Haida Gwaii.
Many tourists go to northern British Columbia hoping to see a Kermode, unfortunately, they are extremely rare, and even residents of the area feel very lucky if they ever see one.

by moonbug November 12, 2006

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