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A word used by people unable to see reality from a point of view other than the one they were indoctrinated into from childhood. It represents the be-all and end-all arguments that close the case once-and-for-all on further discussion of the issue and makes tin-foil hat wearing buffoons of anyone who refuses to see the logic of their disinformation.
The 50+ murders associated with Bill Clinton have been debunked as urban legend.
by undiesinabunch April 22, 2009
to clear away lies, exaggerations, vanities, etc. will most likely debunk many more political rumors during the next 4 years.
An overly used word by the Bush administration and many other conservatives when trying to persuade the masses that everyone else is wrong except them.
"The statements of liberals that say bush is giving tax cuts to the rich has been DEBUNKED because Rush Limbaugh, the druggy, says so."
by Mikoli Simoli September 06, 2006
(Dee-búnk) When somebody is extremely intoxicated and attempts to text others saying that they are "drunk".
Libby: "Ugh, can you pick me up from the bar, I'm so debunk"

Cody: "Did you mean drunk?"

Libby: "Sorry, I'm so debunk that I can't text correctly"
by Cory Divo January 16, 2014
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