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An adjective used to describe something that is spectacular, awesome, cool, or otherwise great to the highest degree. A portmanteau word formed from the words spectacular and yam, the word yamtacular borrows from the greatness of that orange root that tastes so yummy.
Thank you for that yamtacular dinner; it was so good I want to vomit so I can eat some more.
#good #awesome #great #spectacular #cool
by moonbug November 13, 2006
Latin for "go to the bad place", which translates as "go to hell". The Romans considered it unlucky to name the bad place.
ii in malum rem, you fracktard!
#latin #rome #hell #fuck off #curses #foriegn
by moonbug November 16, 2006
Also known as Haida Gwaii, the Queen Charlotte Islands are an archepelago off of the coast of British Columbia. The Islands are accessable via a ferry from the mainland.
The Queen Charlotte Islands have been logged, but the forests on Moresby island remain mostly intact.
#islands #haida gwaii #bc #north #coast
by moonbug November 12, 2006
Prince George, British Columbia is also known as the gateway to the north.
People call Prince George the gateway to the north because it is a major center where several highways and railroads meet.
#city #british columbia #small town #geography #information
by moonbug November 13, 2006
A noun describing a freakishly cool wierdo, very likely a zinester, or someone soon to become a zinester who currently lives in a basement, or lived a large portion of their adolecent lives in a basement.
Anarchy Ashley, maker of the zine 'Alien Basement Food' is a prototypical basement freak.
by moonbug April 06, 2005
A university located in Prince George, British Columbia. Known as UNBC and the University of No Better Choice.
I want to go to the University of Northern British Columbia because I can't afford to live in Vancouver while going to school.
#schools #north #bc #university #prince george
by moonbug November 13, 2006
Worthy of attention, hip, awesome, cool. Snip is an adjective with no pejorative connotation. It is often used as an interjection.

Wow, that band was totally snip.

Check out this snip book.
#uncool #cool #awesome #snipp #rad
by moonbug November 12, 2006
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