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colloquially, stands for c.p. i.e. cell-phone
'It's the end of the world ! I lost my seepie...!

'Hey, you forgot your seepie...!'
by mikroth September 01, 2008
used of films, memoirs, poetry, distorting or falsifying the truth to grab your emotions -- successfully !
'You read that Frey 'memoir' that Oprah was plugging, yet ?'

'Memoir shit ! Great story, blame his publisher for marketing a novel as a memoir -- sheer heartsploitation ! My girl wept buckets, then blamed me for spilling the beans...'
by mikroth July 24, 2008
Sums up everything you hate about New Year's Eve celebrations -- 'nooyer' signifies the meaningless behaviour of louts at that time,'Nooyer' signifies celebs having the time of their lives on camera (and often pre-recorded in late summer...)
'We went down to the pub for a celebratory drink -- but it was full of nooyer shouting and binge and vomit...'

'Nothing on TV tonite but Nooyer plastic jollity and second-rank celeb media exposure...'
by mikroth January 01, 2008
abbreviation for 'non-f***ing friendz', with a comfy sound to it..

can be exes you've mutually accepted as good pals, or some gay guy who's savvy and amusing, or anyone else in your close posse...
'Hey, didn't I see you with your ex again the other day ?'
'Oh, we're noffies now, it's great and we've moved on...'

'Oooh, who's that cutebum you're running, along with your steady ?'
'Oh, isn't he sweet ? He's gay, so we're just noffies... though I wouldn't mind giving him a test run...'
by mikroth December 16, 2007
as used in e.g. the Philippines for celebration wrapping-paper that promises so much at birthday and Christmas, to be eagerly torn off..
' This is the family Christmas morning ? The kids all back in their rooms and the Christmas tree surrounded by torn-up happy paper...?'
by mikroth February 02, 2009
quick description without self-pity, for intense pain..
'What's it like having a sciatica attack ?'

'In one word -- yell-aloud...'
by mikroth December 22, 2008
media term for those current TV shows where wannabees or one-star celebs hoping to raise their public profile are encouraged to compete, be humiliated, bullied, or patronised on camera...

Great symbiotic relationship -- the media get hours of cheap or unpaid labour; everyone gets their fifteen minutes of facial recognition; one or two win through to big bucks...
'Jeez ! Yet another co-promo on TV... this time it's the Whiplash School of Cookery comp...but dammit, I love them all...it's so addictive...'
by mikroth February 06, 2009

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