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Latin for 'I shall love'which happens to be 'Obama' spelt backwards -- thus a rallying-cry for supporters...
'Hey man, what's this 'Amabo!' thing ?'

'Our funky classics prof. has taken to calling out 'Amabo!' when he comes into class, and we call back 'Obama'.. it starts the class with a laugh..
by mikroth January 22, 2009
the sort of contrived, crass 'new word' based on some strained word-play, that has sadly become the norm on the Urban Dictionary...
'OK, what's the latest feeble, tortured Urbanity to show up onscreen today? What happened to real gritty slang ? Why has this site become a teenage playground ?'
by mikroth August 14, 2009
A couple of puns to point a cynical view of that period from around Halloween to the New Year Sales which comes and goes in a tsunami of commerce...
'Jeez ! Halloween already ! We're into the hysteria of Hallowgoodbuymas now...'

'I'd love to be somewhere at this time of year far away from the stores, and lists of obligatory presents... I call it Hallowgoodbuymas...'
by mikroth October 31, 2007
Someone who showers you with useless information which you never asked for...
'The guy's such an infomaniac ! I just asked him for the train times, and he told me how many wheels each engine would have...'

'Darling, I said infomaniac not nymphomaniac...I don't want to hear all your day's office gossip straight after sex, puh-leaze..'

'Jeez, get me away from that infomaniac ... who wants to hear her business gossip at a chick party ?'
by mikroth September 19, 2007
opposite of sourpuss. When someone asks you what -- say -- your fierce new grade teacher is like, and neither 'sweetie' nor 'pussy-cat' quite fit the bill..
'My new grade teacher ? She comes across all disciplinarian -- but one-to-one she's a real sweetypuss..'
by mikroth December 30, 2008
when you've been arguing, get nowhere and no-one yields their view, and you don't want to waste any more time..
'Dylan's lyrics are the greatest..'

'You mean Leonard Cohen's ?...'

'Oh we've been there before.. let's agree to disagree, and go get a Cokesi..'
by mikroth May 16, 2009
A proud acknowledgement of American ethnic diversity as exemplified in America's First Extended Family..
From this Inauguration Day, America can celebrate its multi-ethnic community in glorious Baracknicolor..
by mikroth January 21, 2009

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