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28 definitions by mikroth

When you remember, the morning after, something you said, wrote, did, didn't say, etc., the day before..
'I texted undying love to that chick at the party when I got home.. This morning, I'm having retro-cringe, bigtime..'
by mikroth February 10, 2009
an implied reference to the famed Streisand song 'The Way We Were'
'We broke up last week, but we're back now and it's all Barbra..'

'I faced going back home to meet the grizzlies after all these years, but we've made up and it's all Barbra...'

'jeez, honey, can't we drop this little mistake of mine, and be back to Barbra ?'
by mikroth October 09, 2007
Now most common in chatgroups -- previously observed at the village well, later the parish pump : a group enjoying a good old communal moan about anything and everything.
'I've given up that chatline -- it's now just a whingefest about everything that's wrong with urban life...'

'I left the dinner-party when it developed into a whingefest about the government...'

'That bitch is a one-woman whingefest -- it makes me tired just listening to her endless moans...
by mikroth November 17, 2007
The public outrage manufactured by those who want to cover their own dirty tracks by accusing others.
" 'Stop hounding politicians for cheating public funds -- they're only human; respect their privacy' -- What hyposhit !"

"Journalists, of all people, accusing politicians of fiddling their expenses ! How's that for hyposhit ?!"
by mikroth May 24, 2009
When you want a drink, but hate to sound like a walking ad...
'Wanna Coke ?'

' mmm...Pepsi ?'

'OK, Cokesi -- let's go !'
by mikroth May 16, 2009
Bored response to current phrase-viruses :
'Know what..?' and 'How --- is that...?
A : 'Know what ? Four chix gave me their cellphone numbers at the club last night... How cool is that ?...'

B : 'Tell me...'(yawns)
by mikroth January 24, 2009
When you're reading a boring book out of duty, and your eye just slides over the words without engaging your brain..
'I tried to revise for the exam last night... but it was just eye-skating -- nothing stuck in the mind..'
by mikroth December 22, 2008