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58 definitions by mick

A fly chick. Simular to the usage of "dime piece."
"Yo Son, I had this HAMSTER back in the day - she was fly as hell kidddd."
by mick March 10, 2004
6 24
a person who leaves a group, gang, class that is not allowed to. person usually doesn't like position he/she is in and wants out. person who leaves a gang and is chased after to be shot/killed because of what they have done. trader. a person who doesnt believe in the theory of "renewal" in the movie Logan's Run and runs from Sandmen in search sanctuary.
Jimmy became a runner after leaving the west side for the east side, they soon found him and he isn't alive anymore.
by Mick March 20, 2005
2 30
An ugly person
That man is so ugly, he's a shlub!
by Mick March 21, 2004
23 56
toe cheese(correct pronunskiation-tow cheez). Toe cheez occurs when wearing socks of a different color than your skin color, it gathers between your toes and under toe nails. Is usually made up of sock lint.
For example white feet black socks leaves black lint in between toes and under toe nails.
by Mick February 12, 2004
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A device used to crack a nang (pressurised bulb containg the most mind bending drug when mixed with other things, so incredible it is indescribable, nitrous oxide) to relase the pressurised gas.

Can be a profesional whip cream device, which can be used to suck straight from canister (warning: this method can be dangerous as the gas is cold and may damage your lungs, also comes out at a very high pressure and can inflate your lungs) or can use to inflate balloon which user can inhale from.

Home made nanganators are also very common as professional whip cream makers can be costly. Home made nanganators can be fashioned out of plumbing pipes, or also even one simple piece of hose.
In each case a nail is driven through the nangantor and through the top of the foil on nang (this can be dangerous as the high pressure may blow the nail out of the top at high speed) the gas is then captured in a balloon and inhaled from.

User warning. Always take breathes of oxygen between nitrous breathes. Last breathe of nitrous taken from balloon can be breathed back into and used once or twice more.
Nang lover 1: Dude up for some nangs tonight?
Nang lover 2: Yeah man! I'll go grab my nanganator.
by Mick March 06, 2008
15 131
The study of the 'nether regions' and all other unsanitary manouveres and procedures involving the reproductive organs.
"hey jamie did u do ur rocket science homework on premature ejaculation?".
by Mick October 15, 2004
13 137
To have sex with more than one person
I played Nintendo 64 with my girlfriend last night and her best friend.
by Mick March 20, 2005
51 183