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To get screwed over by someone. To be cheated out of something.
At an auction, person A won an item by 1 cent, rorting person B out of the item without actually having to pay any extra (since 1 cent will be rounded down). Person B got rorted.
by lolliz January 24, 2006
To be badly damaged or destroyed, usually rendering something usesless.
Person: "Those train tracks are completely rorted since the earthquake tore them apart."
by lolliz January 24, 2006
Very fucked up from drugs and/or alcohol.
"Let's buy some 'Bundy O.P' and get rorted."
"I got rorted on the 'bikkies' last night."
by Diego September 05, 2003
To prove someones stupidity or pay them out.
Guy hooks up with chick
next day she says:
"when im drunk i settle for less"
this guy got rorted in front of his friends
by mick March 14, 2005
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