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it's when a landscape laborer straps on two leaf blowers and points the nozzles straight down while adjusting the throttles for max vertical lift. the effects are spectacular, even though flight control is difficult.
Geronimo liked to freak out the old ladies around the clients' homes by doing fly-bys with his mexican jetpack.
by manks dawbs May 01, 2004
a bare patch on the median or freeway right-of-way where people exit the freeway illegally; often is found exactly halfway between official roadway exits, and is used mostly during periods of high-volume, slow-speed traffic. drivers who resort to this technique are distinguished by their impatience, churlishness, and general disregard for public safety. periodically one will observe that users of the oklahoma offramp have become mired in soft ground following heavy rains and such.
"man, the oklahoma offramp up by legacy looks like it gets 350 cars a day... i think the state should just get with it and pave that damn thing. you know, they like to mess up these oklahoma offramps with decorative tree plantings..."
by manks dawbs May 31, 2008
adolescents who seemingly vie with one another to commit successively more egregious or reprehensible acts.
yeah, well i thought Susie was an atrociteen after she drove her mom's Caddy off the pier, but since Nancy got caught in an underage tanning salon sting, all bets are off...
by manks dawbs May 31, 2008
(alt.-"turista") a black hefty bag stuffed full of one's worldly possessions, typically a few shirts, and odd effects.
When Mikey got evicted he bought a new set of Mexican Tourister and bagged everything and split.
by manks dawbs May 01, 2004
= this nigger trippin...
"... tnt baby...that shit is wearin my grin out... wooo-eeeeeh!"
by manks dawbs May 31, 2008
unisex word to describe whatever it is that is between your legs. alt. code word for genitalia.
hey, maybe later we can rub perns.
by manks dawbs May 26, 2008

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