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it's when a landscape laborer straps on two leaf blowers and points the nozzles straight down while adjusting the throttles for max vertical lift. the effects are spectacular, even though flight control is difficult.
Geronimo liked to freak out the old ladies around the clients' homes by doing fly-bys with his mexican jetpack.
by manks dawbs May 01, 2004
74 9
A mexican "landscape technician" who wears one of those leaf blower backpacks.
Juan pawned his Mexican Jetpack to buy some jalopenos.
by jewtewned November 11, 2007
9 3
5 pounds of beans + butt plug ( wait 2 days )
Eat mucho beans ram butt plug up ass.
Wait 2 days squat down light match pull plug WOW! mexican jetpack! a small hombre can go vertical for 14 feet.

by itichie_nocanpo July 02, 2006
12 21