89 definitions by larry

the act of fellatio
Betty baked a cake for Barry last night.
by larry January 01, 2004
The Fucking CIA
u stupid CIA diplodink
by Larry April 23, 2004
People who enjoy being sad and chubby.
The Pope, John Travolta
by Larry April 19, 2004
a wicked, surprising, and/or funny, attack on another person or thing.
noun, adjective, or verb
after seeing some guy getting punched in the face..."that was a bad sneak"

Threat..."I'll sneak you"

"too sneaky"
by Larry December 03, 2003
leave/go home/masturbate/shut up

origin: San Anselmo, CA, THE CHAMBER
i'll meat up with you guys kater i gotta read a book

god your being annoying just go read a book!
by Larry July 29, 2004
simply a word used when there are no words to describe the sickness of something
dave thats a filth jacket

the surf was filth yesty
by larry May 24, 2004
Used in situations where you have extreme displeasure for something. Pfft to the max basically.
Someone says "You suck"

You say "Pffty!"
by Larry September 12, 2003

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