89 definitions by larry

a chick with no tits or booty, thus if checked out from the side, you can draw two lines that don't intersect at any point prior or any point in the future.
Damn that chick got no tits or ass! That chick be parallel.
by larry January 01, 2004
a group of AWESOME people
im gonna go on a hike with that twab cuz theyre so cool
by Larry November 09, 2003
stuff that me and/or my friends invented like family guy or "being random"

origins: San Anselmo, CA, THE CHAMBER
man noah watches so many moldy tv shows
by Larry July 29, 2004
to get embarrassed horribly

origins: San Anselmo, CA, THE CHAMBER
wow zack zentner just got rubbed down!
by Larry July 29, 2004
Hawaiian for black eyes (as in from being hit in the eye).
Brah, you want I give you one donut!
by Larry January 01, 2004
REED "birdman" IRWIN
Tucan Sam loves his fruit loops
by Larry February 23, 2005

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