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90 definitions by larry

Long Island, New York; used primarily by its inhabitants, as they expect everyone to know exactly what is meant by "The Island."
People from "The Island" should go kill themselves.
by Larry February 28, 2004
Someone who says something that leaves you in a state of bewilderment. You have nothing to say in reply.
Suz: I am not responsible for any damage my picture may cause.
Ando: Jerk-Ass.
by Larry October 19, 2003
a bird that eats children and pees out orange juice, I know it sounds weird but it's true!
The Bongo Brid served a nice cup of OJ for breakfast.
by Larry June 12, 2003
Worlds hottest dyke ever
OMG, see those two girls making it over there? The one on the left: totally Bygm!!!
by Larry June 11, 2003
A small creature like beast; The epitome of all animals with small bodys and abnormally large, massive heads in comparison.
The boys in the cafeteria used to scream boose head at people
by Larry December 16, 2004
kids who intentionally mess up their hair to make it seem like they have just woken up

vap is the short word for onavap

orgins: san anslemo, CA, THE CHAMBER
wow that kid onavaps so much
by Larry July 29, 2004
Chris - AKA MoFo - AKA Shit Fucker
MoFo is a damn dirty fecalfiliac. he loves the shit!!!
by Larry December 31, 2003