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matt hunter
hunna hunna you my bitch
by Larry March 31, 2004
That spot between the balls and the ass
"Wow, my chode is really hurting."
by Larry May 17, 2003
The area between the family jewels and the family brown eye.
My chode has poop hanging off it, and the poop is starting to cause rashes and pimples. I should clean my chode.
by Larry September 09, 2003
someone that is portugese. A word that is sometimes used by portugese people to describe themselves or can be used as racial slur.
You stupid fucken chop.
Yo Larry we chops for life
by larry April 16, 2005
Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In.
fugazi was used in the vietnam war, and the band fugazi is amazing...even tho when they named themselves fugazi they didn't know what it meant until later
a boy was drunk and got in a fight...
Passerby: whoa he just was fugazi
by larry November 24, 2003
mm... that guy on the scooter has some classic grill cheese. why does he have female fashon dreads.
by LARRY April 23, 2005
a chick with no tits or booty, thus if checked out from the side, you can draw two lines that don't intersect at any point prior or any point in the future.
Damn that chick got no tits or ass! That chick be parallel.
by larry January 01, 2004

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