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90 definitions by larry

Mat is a flaming homo who loves the cock and he is a loner who leeches of
Larry: o shit mats coming lets leave
he might try to stick it in our butts.
by Larry April 13, 2005
65 139
Manhattan, but there is an increasing tendency among the younger generation of New Yorkers to refer to all five boroughs as "the city."
No you dumb Long Island fuck, the city starts at 1st Avenue, not Lakeville Road.
by Larry February 28, 2004
48 125
Buddha formally known Siddhartha Gautama. Is known throughout the entire world as the founder of Buddhism and a person who wanted to be known not as a god, but through his teachings. He is certainly one of the great men of all time. His theory of reincarnation is known throughout the world. And is more widley accepted by those in the scientific world. Also his theory of the earth coming about from a giant explosion or "Big Bang" is accepted by those in the scientific world also instead of the "God" theory
Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born in India.
by larry March 22, 2003
122 205
Big Pun was the fourth best rapper of all time. Right behind Jay,Pac, and nas. he was way too underated, that man could shit on anybody. And its fucked up that he died, and was a fat fuck.
Big Pun is the one who started back up latin hip hop, if it wasent for him we would still be listing to some weak ass kid frost and DJ mugs.
by larry June 17, 2006
25 135
something that is cool

origin: san anselmo, CA, THE CHAMBER
that new car is so raven
by Larry July 29, 2004
58 204
oxycotton-a morphine based drug that proves to be exstreamlly deadly when abused.
i had a really close friend of mine overdose on the drug this past saturday
by larry November 12, 2003
169 353