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paul rudd's character Peter in "I love you, man" quote while ackwardly playing the bass guitar in front of his fiance in a leprachaun accent.
slappin da bass mon; schlappin da beassssuhhh
by k8ster April 03, 2009
an exam or examination
dude i totally bombed that zammer
by k8ster October 23, 2007
when a guy's small penis gets soaked with water
oh man, my schlong/schlort got schloaked yesterday!!
by k8ster April 03, 2009
a slang term for "facebook"

I'll hit you up on the book

I'll add you on the book

I messaged you on the book
by k8ster December 15, 2007
ogame is german-originated online game where you have your own planet and attack other people's planets just for your own sense of well-being. you have to mine for resources to build ships, weapons, defenses, and more. you can join alliances to protect yourself, or make your own. then you PWN all your friends who thought you couldn't play because you were a n00b and a girl. suck it, boys.
he lost 1000 units when he tried to raid my ogame planet last night. good thing i built those heavy lasers.
by k8ster December 25, 2005
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