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On a highway, car that passes you going way over the posted speed limit. If there is a speed trap ahead, he will get caught instead of you. See also cop cleaner. The bear part comes from "Smokey The Bear" - shortened to "Bear" - old CB'er term for a highway patrol officer because of their rather distictive headgear which resembles a national park ranger's hat.
Trucker 1: "Breaker, breaker - Jimmy, I gotta make up some time - any Bears around? Over."
Trucker 2: "Not seen any, Peter - but that young buck blew by us in the Eclipse musta been doing about 90. Bear bait fer sure. Over."
by JRob September 19, 2005
gran-DIL-uh-kwuhnt, adjective:
Lofty in style; pompous; bombastic. Full of fine words and fancy expressions - marked by the use of impressive-sounding but mostly meaningless words and phrases.
He became more than usually grandiloquent as if to make up for the years of silence with words of gold.
by JRob July 26, 2006
"rumor intelligence" - iIntelligence information based on rumors rather than facts.
Much of the Bush administration's evidence for Iraq's reconstituted nuclear program, thriving chemical-biological development program, and active Iraqi link with Al Qaeda was based on what intelligence analysts call "rumint."
by JRob October 28, 2005
A car ashtray that has been repurposed as a coinholder.
Here comes another toll - open the cashtray!
by JRob July 01, 2005
A car that follows you in the parking lot hoping to get your space. Most usually at Wal-Mart, but also happens at upper class joints.
Him: Don't look back, man - we've got a spalker behind us!

Her: Shut up and take these bags so I can get the keys out of my purse.
by JRob July 25, 2005
(roh-BUHS-chuhs)- Boisterous; vigorous - Coarse; rough; crude.
When the meaning of the disturbance became clear to him he placed a hand beside his mouth and shouted: "Hey! Frank!" in such a robustious voice that the feeble clamor of the natives was drowned and silenced.
-- O. Henry, Cabbages and Kings

by JRob August 25, 2006
A person who makes a living by predicting disasters and worst-case scenarios.
Guy1: What's the news, man?

Guy2: Bird Flu, terrorists, hurricanes, global warming, the price of gasoline and natural gas and electricity skyrocketing, death toll in Iraq . . .

Guy1: Boy, the dread merchants are busy lately!
by JRob November 07, 2005

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