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An employee brought in for a particular project or set time period.
Management is not sure if we are over the hump yet, so they are brining in some coin-operated employees to help with this project.
by JRob January 08, 2010
The tendency for one party in a civil case to settle out of court to avoid the potentially high cost of fighting the case.
Newspaper publishers, when faced with a potential libel case, often try to settle out of court by paying a ransom factor rather than take their chances with a jury trial.
by JRob November 03, 2005
Seen on blogs, this is grim air-traffic-controller speak for a head-on collision. Midair passenger exchanges are quickly followed by "aluminum rain".
Controller 1: Man, THAT was a close call!
Controller 2: Yeah - we almost had a midair passenger exchange!
by JRob December 30, 2011
A memo, letter, or e-mail message that contains irrefutable evidence of a crime. Similar to finding the "smoking gun" at a murder scene.
The investigators were elated to find smoking memos showing that Enron plotted to manipulate Western electrical prices in last year's crisis.
by JRob November 17, 2005
A honeymoon in which the bride and groom also bring their children from previous marriages.
With three birthdays, a wedding and a "familymoon," we've had a lot of celebrations in our family lately.
by JRob October 07, 2005
Combining digerati expertise with vigilante initiative, the digilanti anonymously police the Internet, exposing scams and fighting spam in the interest of making the Web safe without government intervention.
Oh-oh - watch out for Dan The Digilanti! No swears while he's online.
by JRob August 07, 2007
An object's component or quality that has the potential to annoy or anger a person viewing or using the object.
Web browser pop-up ads tend to have a very high piss-off factor.
by JRob November 18, 2005

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