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In ebonics, the black word for jewelry.
Comeshia got all of her jury at Woolsworth.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
Twelve people who determine which client has the better lawyer.
The jury let off OJ.
by a pseudonym April 03, 2005
The way uneducated blacks pronounce jewelry.
Yo! Dis is sum fake ass jury!
by Tomahhtoe July 04, 2011
A bastardization of jewelry(plural) or jewelries; most commonly reffering to neck jewelry worn while playing paintball. Often mardigras beads.
"Boss be gettin' juked even wif his ice neck jurys."
by RC Army February 25, 2007
The back word for jewelry.
Yo dawg I robbed a 7-11 so I could get my bitch some jury.
by fuko August 19, 2003
1) a group of people who dertermine your fate in a courtroom
2) the gliss hanging from your neck or wrists, or the grill embedded in your mouf.
The jury ordered Chad to hand over his jury as a collateral for his release on parole.
by quiggler September 30, 2006
ebonic term for "jewelry"
you had seendid all dat jury on dat white girl? I don't know who she tryin' da be.
by coupedehille February 19, 2010
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