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Twelve people who determine which client has the better lawyer.
The jury let off OJ.
by a pseudonym April 03, 2005
246 66
In ebonics, the black word for jewelry.
Comeshia got all of her jury at Woolsworth.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005
93 20
A bastardization of jewelry(plural) or jewelries; most commonly reffering to neck jewelry worn while playing paintball. Often mardigras beads.
"Boss be gettin' juked even wif his ice neck jurys."
by RC Army February 25, 2007
20 5
The way uneducated blacks pronounce jewelry.
Yo! Dis is sum fake ass jury!
by Tomahhtoe July 04, 2011
16 5
The back word for jewelry.
Yo dawg I robbed a 7-11 so I could get my bitch some jury.
by fuko August 19, 2003
26 15
1) a group of people who dertermine your fate in a courtroom
2) the gliss hanging from your neck or wrists, or the grill embedded in your mouf.
The jury ordered Chad to hand over his jury as a collateral for his release on parole.
by quiggler September 30, 2006
25 15
ebonic term for "jewelry"
you had seendid all dat jury on dat white girl? I don't know who she tryin' da be.
by coupedehille February 19, 2010
6 1