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1: To perform or execute
2: To kill someone
3: Hairstyle
4: To engage in sexual Intercourse
5: Attractive Dutch recording artist best know for her vocals in DJ Sammy's cover of "Heaven"
1: I'm going to do my homework.
2: We're going to do him in.
3: Yo Holmes! Do not mess up the do!
4: My and the bitch are going to do it.
5: Check out Do's site at www.domusic.nl
by Jimbo January 26, 2005
Honesdale; A place where Bush is the best beer and Wal-Mart is the only source of entertainment.
"Lets drink some Bush and go play hide-and-go-seek in Wal-Mart!"
by jimbo March 17, 2005
absoulte and compelete wanker who knows nothing of the world outside the rich and easy life his fathers oil money provided for him.
there is so much anti-bush propaganda going around and most of it is from america. americans say how stupid he is but he has been voted in for a second term as president...by americans...what does that say about the american people?
by jimbo January 04, 2005
A common misspelling of the name of the British prime minister, 'Tony B. Liar' who, amongst other things, likes his coffee black.
Tony's one liners: There are WOMD in Iraq!
We didn't fix the Hutton report!
Michael Barrymore isn't a homosexual rapist!
by Jimbo July 21, 2004
A magical place where you can spend hours on end talking to people all over the world posing as a 10 year old girl, do research on any subject imaginable, play games, or look at some good porn.
Look at all of this porn I have found on the internet.
by Jimbo May 22, 2003
Statistically, 3rd safest city out of the 25 largest cities in America. It's as safe as Boise, Idaho, and I dont hear any of you ignorant assholes bitching about Boise.
Get a new city to make shit up about.
by JIMBO May 15, 2004
A girl that has no idea what to do with a dick
suzie's such a cocktard, she was biting me all night
by Jimbo December 12, 2003

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