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is, =
you iz all up in my shiz
by Anonymous January 26, 2003
iz can mean 'is' or 'its'.
1 - what iz yo name?
2 - iz all good
#iz #is #its #izz #it
by xxsweetGxx May 02, 2007
sometimes followed by "the wiz" to make his tag IZ THE WIZ, he was prolific and famous grafitti writer of New York during the 80s and still is today. known for his progressive style.
yo you see that piece iz threw up last night its up in the handball courts on the south wall its tiiiight...
by McGreggor May 05, 2003
Used as a replacment for "is". Poeple use it to mock chavs or act cool in a sarcastic manner.
1.I iz cool lyke innit.
2.iz you messing with me?
3.I iz cool.
#is #lyke #w/e #lol #rofl
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005
Retarded fuck language for "shoot me"

What should be just spelled "is"
I iz dumb LOL!

Liek omg wtf that iz da best.
#iz #is #dumb #fucker #retarded #shoot me please #cocksucker #am #was #wuz
by InjusticeForAll September 13, 2006
she's really nice. she likes to get advice from others and enjoy everyone compony. She's sweet and will alway give you a reason not to be mad at her. She is an easy loved and loves easy person. She gives everyone a chance, and never will need a second chance. And cuter then she seems.
"I'm mad at you Iz!"
"Darn it I just bought you a shirt, want it anyways?"
#len #awesome #amazing #weird #funny
by Awesomeness xxz November 01, 2012
Can mean "is" or "it's," but not "its."
Iz all good

He iz sexah
#is #it's #it is #verb #to be
by jackal_teh_red February 18, 2011
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