127 definitions by jimbo

Perserverance in the face of gastro-intestingal rejection.
"She's coming over here to talk to you. Your drunk ass better puke and rally pronto!"
by jimbo December 31, 2003
your butt.
fuck me up the goatass!
by jimbo March 16, 2003
the primary cause of fatboys around the world
hey, you're fat, did you eat 20 burgers?
by Jimbo December 11, 2003
asshole on a calculater
Type it urself
by Jimbo April 19, 2004
Translation from Hawaii. Lack of sexual activity aong males.
Im suffering from LACKANOOKIE.
by JIMBO October 08, 2003
Its another word for boner
(i got it off a medication my mom takes called bayer)
Dude i got a bayner lookin at her today.
by Jimbo October 29, 2004
ass sweat after you've done physical activity
quite a practice eh? my shorts are soaked with ass water.
by jimbo July 12, 2003

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