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Having a case of severe diarrhea in which you urinate from your asshole.
The next time I have diarrhea, I hope it's not ass water.
by Lenard Powerdong August 07, 2006
the water that splashes onto the ass from a falling terd.
after trying for 13 minutes, john finally squeezed out the last terd. Sadly, the terd was heavy and produced superfluous ass water.
by HappyHenry35 April 18, 2003
Bad or weak coffee.
"Oh god", said after first sip,"this shit tastes like asswater!"
by tutash June 06, 2003
The water that overflows when a thick shit clogs the toilet.
Dude, the toilet overflowed, and now I got asswater all over the floor.
by Moth May 17, 2004
ass sweat after you've done physical activity
quite a practice eh? my shorts are soaked with ass water.
by jimbo July 12, 2003
The term used to describe a situation in which you are taking a shit and you drop a big turd, causing the water to splash up on your ass cheeks.
Guy #1: Yo I was eating corn earlier and now I gotta take a shit, I hope I don't get asswater!

Guy #2: Yeah I just got done droppin' turds and my ass is soaked. Fml.
by J Bizzy October 29, 2009
Alternate name for Booty Sweat, and energy drink from the movie Tropic Thunder. ALSO, the water that splashes on your ass when you're taking a poop. Very annoying, often resulting in the need for extra toilet paper usage.
"Damn that Ass Water is tasty."
"Damn that ass water is nasty."
by bomber22 January 06, 2009
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