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127 definitions by jimbo

the spot between your asshole and your balls, usually has a bit of fluffy fur.
"my chod is itchin"
OR it can be used in an insult
"smell my chod"
by jimbo February 16, 2004
42 80
a person who is overobsessive with a car which is normally an import and doestn deserve such obsession, a person who washes their car multiple times in one week
------> collin atkins <------
by jimbo November 14, 2004
3 47
A male coward; A misogynist; A vile miscreant that wishes or causes harm or death to women; A gutless ignoramus. One who stalks women. cowardwhimppussysissychickenstalker
When Jimbo noticed the little Alpha harassing an innocent woman, he knocked him to the ground and beat him to a bloody pulp.
by Jimbo December 10, 2004
36 110
I much prefer the idea that this is a cup of tea
Cybil, put on the kettle for a brewski, good man.
by jimbo January 26, 2005
38 116
Possessing ideal properties. High quality.
Dank ass herb. Dank mashed potatoes.
by Jimbo January 27, 2004
73 160
Big Mussel Wack
Eat your mussels, you big money waste, love your sister, big monkey women, catch a chic, bitch magnet on wheels, and for the love of god, bite my weener. thanks it was funny! still i love to rat race my 633, Drive!
by jimbo January 21, 2004
20 122
Another way to say "God Damn" without actually saying it.
"GD Zack, why do you have to hump guys all the time?"
by Jimbo September 04, 2003
45 148