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shortened version of the Yae-o, a slang term for cocaine.
I can't relate to what you rap on stage, nigga cuz i been sellin' Yae since i was Bow-Wow's age....
by LZB November 22, 2005
a varient of the word "yes" used to connotate the affirmative. Pronounced { yay-ess }
b%b: are there 50 hambergergerz in that skie truck?

Joeman5: yÂes there are, I put them there.
by MasterBôB April 20, 2009
In meaning "Yes" "Yeah" Yah" Yep" or any form of accepting or acknowledgment by Deanna.
Mark: Lets go to the movies tonight!
Deanna: Yaes.
by Criterion1989 March 08, 2014
the word yae is just a term i herd in apopka thats mean yes,yae,or ok .
tay raw: A bro u got da new plies song?

tim:yae i gto that song yesterday
by tay raw August 24, 2009
An exclamation used when exclaiming things.
I failed my math test. Yae!
by Richard November 30, 2003
This word does not have much meaning but is oftern used in rhyming.
A yae like mic, popularised by doug e fresh and the get fresh crew, et all.
by choi November 12, 2003
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