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Its like a manage a trois, but four people.
After our double date, we had a quadfuck.
by Jesse July 16, 2004
the combined superior form of two (or more) words that when combined, cause complete histaria. A lesser superword is two words that are combined but in the process loose some of the essence from each word.
"Superword" itself is a superword,


by Jesse June 25, 2004
A word used to take the place of a Prounoun, usually yelled when trying to cover a sound someone does not want to hear.
"Matt, your credit card number is"
by Jesse October 27, 2003
the spaceship stolen by ex-president of the galaxy Zaphod Beblebrox in the book hichhikers guide to the galaxy
by jesse August 29, 2003
Pizza that has been left, intentionally or otherwise, on the street. May or may not be edible.
I was having a bad night, but then I found half a streezza, so it didn't turn out too bad in the end.
by Jesse March 24, 2005
Messy, frayed. Un-ordered in appearance or behavior. Resembling a rag.

Originally meant to describe clothing, and so now particulary appropriate as an adjective used to describe any non-clothing article.

First known appearance: Buffalo, New York, Depew train station, as observed by the author, "Portable Road". (Pub. 1999)

"take yo ragly ass up out my place." (Portable Road, 1999)
by jesse November 09, 2004
Someone with exceptional skiing skills
Sunny Bono was drunk, skiied into a tree, and died.
by Jesse April 24, 2003
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