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Caucasian male youth who wears baggy pants and/or dresses/acts in a manner consistent of the gangsta style without due cause and in deference to his true identity.
Did you see that yo boy in the ricer Civic?
by sageoneon March 07, 2003
A caucasian male who embraces the urban language/lifestyle; A Wigger
I'm going to unleash a cluster bomb in the mall, hopefully killing every yo-boy hanging outside of Lidz.
by Kiko December 16, 2003
a mo fo that says "YO, YO, YO!" all the damn time..tends to wear hats that are too big for their head. Have corny pick up lines and are the kind of guys that run after you in the mall or parking lot that harass you for your telephone number.
Hes got the swagged OUT style of a yo boy.
by Ana.L November 13, 2014
A sex act that consist of one person going up to two people having sex. Then he wanks it thug style and cumms all over them.
I saw to of my friends fucking and snuck up on them like a ninja. Then I wanked it and splooged all over their faces.
by Jamal Warner July 17, 2005
A white male youth from a middle class or upper middle class upbringing who wants desperately to fit into the urban gangsta lifestyle in his grammar, musical taste, clothing and attitude but who only serves to irritate everyone, including real gangstas.

Any white male age 10-25 basically.

A very annoying white male youth that desperately needs to be dropped off in Compton for a day or two and be taught a lesson.

Any white male that likes Akon.
The 7-11 was not the best choice for a late night snack that night as the parking lot was infested with crunked up yo boys listening to Akon on the car sterios of their Jetta.
by IhateAkon. April 30, 2007
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