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A word you say when you are sleep deprived
The fucking klopos are attacking!!!
by Jared September 03, 2003
it is when u stick ur penis in a girls ear while ur dogs licking the mustard off her toes and ur finger(anyone)is in her belly button and at the same time ur best frinds girl is blowing a goat while ur fingering her in the gooch and then u u give ur mom a jelly-doughnut while ur doin the wild santiago with ur girl in the spoon position
Dudes, I can't feel my legs from that cinosweiv i had last night
by jared February 28, 2005
One who witnesses a self-cornholing/sodomization with a random object.
Andy and Jared became Brown Eye Witnesses when they watched Matt become an egg-asser.
by Jared March 24, 2004
The cross between a squeeze and a hug, if you were to squg someone, you'd be hugging them just a little harder than a hug and softer than a squeeze.
Jared and Emily squg each other when they say hello or goodbye
by JaRed January 27, 2015
n.: short for "police presence." Used in reference to the close vicinity of a police officer, police cruiser, or any other law enforcement unit
"Po presence!"
"Yeah, I see it"
by Jared March 27, 2005
(1) A variation of basketball in which a player uses his erect penius to dribble the ball, and makes such a huge fart that when he puts the ball on his anus and aims for the hoop, he has a chance of getting 2 or 3 points.
(2) Two gay men rubbing the heads of their peniuses together while watching "Queer as Folk" on Showtime.
(1) Dude, yesterday, I was playing cocksketball with John, and I have gashes on my penius!
(2) I ran into Jack and Joey playing Cocksketball with eachother. I didn't know we had showtime.
by Jared February 21, 2005
A combination of the words Wrapping and Packaging. Used primarily in describing factory vacuum packaging and security wrapping. Particularly useful for CD's and DVD's.
"The wrappaging of these new DVD's is totally overkill."
by Jared August 04, 2004

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