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109 definitions by jared

basically, an insane vegetarian
Coach Bittner told Jared that vegans were not insane vegetarians, but he was wrong. Jared is always right!!
by Jared February 19, 2005
The state of being in a band.
I figure, the practice amp i have now is enough for just me, this would be a purchase for bandom.
by jared January 17, 2005
An inferior version of the Upper East Side. It is for retards, like Michael Moore.
East Side baby! New York for life! I'm never moving to boring Long Island/Connecticut!!!
by Jared March 23, 2005
An urban version of Long Island. A pretty boring place, I stay out except for Laguardia and JFK.
Manhattan is urban, Queens is suburban, and Upstate Nassau is rural.
by Jared March 23, 2005