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Lack Of Sleep Drug and/or Dissorder

You get high off of losd when u stay up late and you'll laugh at anything even at the girls gone wild edeited edition on comedy central. It's sometimes better then pot and acid cause when you do those you need to buy them. with this just stay up late and get fucked hard and rammed like a toyota car fucking a mexican chink (mexichink) communist trying to shit out a fajita.
Man that chigga's on losd... he's acting like jennifer lopez was actually funny in gigili with ass chin ben afflec.

When Ronald comes home his mother is on losd and is on the couch waiting nakd with a gold plated percy to use on his rich square ass.
by Jared June 27, 2004
Someone who likes Subway sandwiches
Dude, look at all of those meskneys inside Subway
by Jared December 16, 2003
a lame word used for parties, or more common, tests by lame math teachers who get frisky from math
Alright children, get ready for your shebang of education.
by Jared October 18, 2003
One who burglarizes cum from a person or mainly a sperm bank
Derek is a cum burgler from Mexico
by Jared April 14, 2005
A ridiculously good-looking guy; unbeleivably irresistable and amazingly handsome; seemingly too good to be true.
Did you see Boogaerts? Oh my gosh, what an incredibly amazingly unbeleivably irresistable guy!
by Jared April 04, 2005
A particularily sticky, viscous turd that, when falling out of your cornhole, also brought some hairs with it. These hairs appear as though they are whiskers on the turd, making your shit appear to be a lazy, brown cat.
Holy shit! I just took a sick dump, defintely an LBC
by Jared March 21, 2005
coolness, a good thing,
dude that was qualijare
by Jared November 20, 2003
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