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funny word for tampon
what size is your cooter stick?
by jared April 08, 2005
The greatest neighborhood in all New York. Has the classiest people, hottest women, and best restaurants.
Born at Lenox Hill Hospital, raised at 86th & York. What?!?
by Jared March 23, 2005
A state where a person, object, or entity is even cooler than communicated by the use of smetanka; an extreme state of smetanka; something both tasty and smetanka
Liz, she's smetanka, but Stephanie, now SHE is smetankalicious!
by Jared June 28, 2004
People who enjoy 'Six Steps to Spiritual Revival' will also love 'The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men'
"I'm going to revive my spirit with Anal Sex"
by jared December 05, 2002
The moment a memory is entering one's brain that will, sometime in one's future, be remembered and repeated resulting in Deja Vu.
Billy went to school one day and saw something strange. He forgot all about it the next day. Ten years later he saw it again and said, "Man. I just got Deja Vu." Little did he know that this moment was foretold since the time he first had Duja Ve when he saw the strange object ten years before.
by Jared January 18, 2005
Do Your Own Homework
What is the plot of "The Lord of the Rings?"

I have an idea, DYOH!
by Jared February 05, 2004
A word you say when you are sleep deprived
The fucking klopos are attacking!!!
by Jared September 03, 2003
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