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The best game ever invented. Black and whites excel at thy sport. Blacks dunk, whites shoot. End of story.
Hey, MJ, u wanna go play some basketball, wit me, Larry, and Shaq?
by Jakrel April 19, 2005
A pimp, little green, creature who kicks everyone's ass in Star Wars. He was almost 900 years old when he died.
Yoda walked in with a cane, but all of the sudden he was flyin' off of walls, kickin Count Dooko's evil little hiene.
by jakrel May 28, 2005
The process of plugging one nostril, and blowing air out of the other, in order to shoot out mucus. In order to make this technique successful, you must use great force, otherwise you will just look retarded when you have one nostril covered and are breathing heavily in front of your friends. But if you get that dang snot of of there...you will be known as a stud.
Jim had a nasty cold, and didn't have any tissues. He decided a farmer's blow would do lots of good, until he shot it on his girlfriend's prime rib.
by jakrel May 14, 2005
a penis, a weiner, a schlong, a dick
my johnson is a very long one
by jakrel May 24, 2005
To unload your gun on someone and ultimatley, kill them. A very popular activity in the ghetto.
Nigga 1: Hey you want some of dis sheeit?
Nigga 2: Ah, I don wan dat shit.
Nigga 1: I don give a fuck, I don't play that shit, and I'm about to bust a cap motha nigga.
by jakrel August 12, 2005
A shot of liquor or booze
i got knocked up by a hand grenade in 'Nawlins
by jakrel June 23, 2005
Poor Mexicans who live in a trailer.
Those Mexicans are smoking grass! Now that's some brown trash.
by jakrel May 28, 2005

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