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70 definitions by heptune

(n) A botfly larva. The parent fly lays its eggs in a person or animal, and the larva grows into a huge maggot that migrates to the neck and chews its way out when it is ready to pupate. Also spelled warble, wormil.
The rabbit was dead, but we could see that its neck was moving as if it had an alien under its skin, and the next thing we knew, a giant worble the size of a shotgun shell crawled out of it. And we figured that rabbit was better off dead.
by Heptune May 16, 2005
(n) a mosquito. Newfoundland slang.
There were so many nippers around the lake that I had to wear mosquito netting.
by Heptune May 16, 2005
On Guam, this is a euphemism for power rationing or planned power outages.
The Guam Power Authority scheduled six hours of load shedding in Yigo today.
by Heptune May 12, 2005
(n)A fat-bodied, short-legged mouselike rodent, a vole.
My cat left a dead schnitzelmouse on our porch.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
(n) An ant-lion, an insect larva that digs conical pits in order to trap ants.
Morty liked to drop ants into doodlebug pits.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
(n) A pile of dog shit. Similar to lawn sausage.
I stepped in a poodle paddy when I took that shortcut through the dog-owner's yard.
by heptune June 12, 2006
(n) An administrator of the typical sort, who rose to power more through ambition, aggression and connections than through skill, education or intelligence, and who does more to obstruct than to facilitate the functioning and operations of the institution.
The obstructicator was proud of the new forms he had created to cover every possible activity that could be carried out in his department.
by Heptune May 18, 2005