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Efours are often found in the south of england , they r most common around areas of london such as romford. They are tall creatures with blond curly hair and are most often homosexually inclined.
You Sir Are An Efour
by Helmut January 28, 2003
A negative word to be used in an upsetting conversation
Sir your choice of socks is eggable
by Helmut January 28, 2003
A word, used in physics, interchangeable with a number of terms unknown to the speaker. Has many meanings, ranging from lamda to a small town in south australia
um, you know, you get the speed of light by multiplying the frequency by, ah, yunta.. yeah thats it... *giggles*
by helmut July 03, 2003
If somthing is Irkawiff it is both irksome and wiffable
please see Irksome and Wiffable
Sir these eggs r rather wiffable
by Helmut January 28, 2003
The little one = el pequeño. He likes to sleep but prefers to sneeze.
Man 1: Where's mimiEZ?
Man 2: Probably in bed...
by Helmut April 08, 2005
A bad thing see eggable
what an eggy situation
by Helmut January 28, 2003
Capri pants for men. Usually gay men.
1: Dude that guy's wearing manpris! I haven't seen that since 1998!
2: Indeed
by Helmut February 08, 2004
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