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Efours are often found in the south of england , they r most common around areas of london such as romford. They are tall creatures with blond curly hair and are most often homosexually inclined.
You Sir Are An Efour
by Helmut January 28, 2003
One who lacks any genitals whatsoever, and spends all his time smoking ladies ciggarettes whilst pleasuring himself over a photographic likeness of a small gnome.
Egad sir! u are nothing if not E4
A prolific bender,one who lacks a scrotum, he who refuses to tease his private parts with the exclusive use of a ostrich feather. See also "red track suit bottoms".
A living legend
A man so great and wonderful even god is jealous
A word to be screamed at public chess Simules
Wow that guy is just so E4!
when i grow up i hope im E4
by Belvadere Smithe III OBE.MBE. January 28, 2003
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