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Insanely comfortable surfing shorts that go past your knees.
Hot Girl: "Guys with manpris are the hottest by far"
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by Patrick Irish March 07, 2008
Incredibly comfy pants worn by men that are a combination of shorts and pants that typically go down a few inches past the knee, but a few inches above the ankle. Pop culture tends to associate them with gay jokes or white trash remarks, but those people are all near-minded and ignorrant. Whats gayer? Wearing manpris or actually caring enough about the type of clothes that someone wears to the point where you become the fashion police and make fun of them? The choice is yours, haters.
Jim gets a lot of jokes for wearing his manpris to work.
#capris #manpries #pants #fashion faux paw #long shorts #short shorts
by Sotsp September 24, 2010
Gay slang. Men's pants cropped between ankle and mid-calf, after capri pants, or "capris"
He looks ridiculous in those manpris.
by Capton Fashion October 15, 2004
n. Neither a pant nor short, it is a trouser of indeterminate lenght worn mostly by the urban male. Since it is neither shorts nor jeans or khakis by traditional lenghth standards one can only refer to a pant that hits somewhere between knee and calf length as the man-pri or the he-capri. Especially popular in Europe although beggining to sweep North America.
Kevin Federline has been seen lately rocking the unflattering man-pri when picking up diapers.
#he-capri #ugly #urban #touristy #ridiculous
by Maili Russell September 28, 2006
Also known as man capris, these are what men have started wearing that are in between a long short and a full length pant. Capri pants for me.
Chad and Bruce went shopping for man-pris to wear with their tank tops to beat the summer heat.
#man capris #man prees #man short pants #jams #man pris
by Momma GEA June 18, 2010
A type of pant that men wear (typically gay, 'gangsta', or white trash) that go down between the ankle and about 3 inches below the knee. They are usually made out of cacky, denim, or some other sort of material that isn't good for sports (not mesh ect.).
Man 1: "Did you see Andy yet today?"

Man 2: "Oh, yeah, he's sporting those manpris."

Man 1: "I can't tell if he's trying to be cool, or coming out of the closet."

Man: "I know right? They are no good."
#capris #men #manprees #andy #kats
by mariiissaxoxo May 26, 2010
when a male wears pants that hug tight, and resemble the womens form of pants called capri's.
yo dude those manpri's are extra tight! im trying to get me a pair of them manpri's.

kid cudi wears manpri's and so does wiz.
#kid #cudi #manpri #tight #wears #pair
by jezzbian August 16, 2011
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